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  • 3-Color Funky Square Wall Vinyl Stickers Shapes
  • 3-Color Funky Square Wall Vinyl Stickers Shapes
  • 3-Color Funky Square Wall Vinyl Stickers Shapes
  • 3-Color Funky Square Wall Vinyl Stickers Shapes
  • 3-Color Funky Square Wall Vinyl Stickers Shapes - Red Black White

3-Color Funky Square Wall Vinyl Stickers Shapes

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Product Description

3-Color Funky Squares Wall Sticker Shapes, Vinyl Decals for Cool Room Decor

  • Instead of splattering the walls with permanent paint, let your little ones decorate how they please with these 3-color wall sticker shapes! The best part? Regardless of the arrangement, they look great!
  • The Basics: Because we want what's best for your walls, all of our wall decals are made with a Matte finish Indoor vinyl safe for Home Decor use. This ensures their easily removable and gives them that "pristine" look, without the problems (cracking, staining, fading, etc.) or permanency of paint.
  • Dimensions & Sizing:

    6" down to 1.5 60+pc (20+pc in each color)

  • Each Square is an individual sticker, so you can apply these in any random order or arrangement .
  • Die-Cut Decals: If you don't understand the terminology, know that this one's a biggie. Superior to stickers, our decals do not have a background material. Thus, you'll be able to see your wall or surface through and around the decal's openings. We're here to make your walls wonderful, not to completely cover them up.
  • Application: Application is easy peasy. Just Peel-n-Stick the Decal in any arrangement you desire
  • Application Pro-Tip: Make the most of your Wall Decal by ensuring your surface is smooth. The smoother the surface, the easier the application.
  • Speed: While we take great pride in the quality of our products, we're also known for our speed. Your Wall Decal will ship within 1-2 days and be at your door before you know it.
  • Customer Service: We want you to be happy with your walls. While all decals include detailed instructions along with video and blog tutorials, don't be afraid to give us a shout. We're ready to help via email or phone!
  • Made In The USA: In honor of the stars and stripes, all of our decals are made in the USA. We ship from our headquarters in The Mount Rushmore State, South Dakota.

Want to use this decal sticker to paint and create a wood sign? See this article on how you can order this design as stencil instead of a regular wall decal!

Over 45 popular Vinyl colors available! View the colors close up and the color names on our Colors and Fonts page.

Wall Decals will NOT stick to No- VOC, stain-resistant, and the new paint/primer in one wall paints. Here's a simple test (or request a FREE tester HERE)...apply a strip of masking tape to your wall and see if the tape sticks, if the tape falls off, your painted walls have an additive that repels adhesive and stains.

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