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Wood Sign Painting Parties

Wall Decor Plus More offers wood sign painting parties!Painting Party Wood Sign Options

This is a FUN night where you can create a unique piece without any craft skills or supplies needed!  Create a custom wood sign or shelf sitter while having a BLAST with friends!

It's FUN - Click here to See for yourself!

    Round Wood Board Sign Painting Party in South Dakota  Host Your Own Wood Sign Painting Party with Wall Decor Plus More

Wood Sign Round Tray Painting Party for Bridal Shower 

Host your Own Painting Party

If you would like to host a private painting party, we can do that too! Click here to Schedule a Painting Party or email us at

The cost of most of our parties run $26-$35 each guest - the cheapest Painting Party you will find!  If you are looking for a custom project, feel free to contact us with your ideas!

If you are in need of a location, you are welcome to use our shop as the painting party location.

At each painting party, we will provide all supplies: paint, wood, etc.  For each painting party, we offer a variety of stencil design options (usually 12 different designs!)

We will also have a helpful staff member on hand to assist you throughout the painting party, picking your paint colors and giving instructions.

Via our Hosted Painting Parties, the host chooses the date, the board size, and arranges the location.  As long as there are at least 10 paying guests, the host will earn her spot for FREE.
Send us an email today if YOU are interested in hosting a Painting Party!

Painting Parties for younger children are also offered!

Are you looking for a unique idea for your child's birthday party this year? Children LOVE the creativity of choosing their paint colors and making a homemade, personalized home decor piece!

 girls-painting-party.jpg   girls-painting-wood-birthday-party.jpg


Looking for a location - you are welcome to use our shop for your Painting Party!


Stencil Stickers NOW Available!  You can purchase just the stencil stickers from us and organize your own painting wood sign party!  Each sticker stencil package comes will full material list and instructions.  View All our Stencils HERE.


More Painting Party Options

Here's another painting party project that we have available!  We have a limited supply of REAL barnwood and sealed logs that we can paint on.

Contact us and schedule your painting party, while supplies last, of these unique woods!

barnwood-painting-party-blanks-front-2.jpg  barnwood-painting-party-blanks-back.jpg