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If you have a number of family photos lying around your home, then a gallery wall is a simple way to get your creative juices flowing. A gallery wall allows you to personalize your space and make it your own. If your home already exudes a rustic and countryside style, then a farmhouse inspired gallery wall will help to tie your space together. Before you start your DIY, there are a few tips that you can use to achieve the effortless farmhouse gallery style.

Farmhouse Color Scheme Neutrals

Settle on a Color Scheme

Before picking out photos and wall decorations, you want to settle on a color scheme. The color scheme will set the overall tone for your gallery wall. Neutrals and creams are popular for farmhouse style décor. However, you should also consider the color scheme in your own home.

Farmington Gallery Wall by Michaels

Seek out Rustic Frames

Adding frames to your gallery wall is important because it adds a bit of structure to the overall look. In order to get the rustic and farmhouse inspired appearance, look for frames that are slightly worn and weathered around the edges. The texture created by the cracks in the paint adds a bit of charm to the entire wall. You can add frames that aren’t as worn in order to create depth and vary the overall look.

Farm Sweet Farm Handwritten script

Add Wall Decals

Wall decals are a simple and effortless way to put your vision into words. To tie to together your farmhouse style look for inviting words like “hello” or “welcome”. In addition, consider nice phrases like “farm sweet farm” or "home on the range". Wall decals can be placed in between frames.

WD1051 Laurel Floral Elements and Pieces

A farmhouse style gallery can add much-needed charm to any home. Find additional farmhouse style wall decals that you can use in your gallery.

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