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Few colors are more dull and lackluster than the off-white that adorns what seems to be every apartment under the sun. Problem is, your landlord probably won't appreciate it very much if you were to repaint. Thankfully, there are a few ways to add some color to your apartment without having to forfeit your security deposit.

Hanging Planter are back in style!

  1. Plants. Having houseplants is 'in' right now, and for good reason! They can add a bright splash of color to any room, generally don't cost much, and are easily found in garden centers. Also, there are literally thousands of options available, from popular succulents to exotic orchids. If you have a pet, however, be sure to get a plant that won't cause them any harm if they decide to chew on it.
  2. Throw pillows. Throw pillows are easy to find, easy to decorate with, and you can find some really great ones for pretty cheap, too. If you decide to redecorate a year or so down the road, no worries! Replacing them is both easy and affordable.

    Pillows Pillows Pillows!

  3. Wall decals. Do you like the idea of putting a favorite quote or illustration on the wall, but you REALLY don't want to hammer a nail into the wall? Try a vinyl wall decal! There are countless designs and colors, affordable, and easy to remove. They're great for kids' rooms, too--if your child outgrows one or wants to redecorate, changing it is as easy as finding a design, ordering it, and swapping the old one out. They don't leave any residue on the wall, either, so you're free to change them out as frequently as you'd like (and your landlord will be none the wiser!).

    Choose Your Own Adventure Wall Decal Stickers

    Blackout Curtain Walnut and Sheer

  4. Curtains. Just like throw pillows, these are easy to find, easy to decorate with, and can easily be changed. Adding some curtains adds so much character to a room, and as a bonus, they can help block the sun, so you don't have to worry about that pesky sunbeam disturbing your nap! If you're not sold on the idea of floor-length curtains, there are many shorter options, such as valances. Alternatively, you could get longer curtains and then tie them up.

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