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Decal Stickers for Tall Wood Signs

Make your very own Tall Porch Wooden Sign with this collection of Vertical Lettering Decal Stickers.  Each Decal Sticker in this collection is designed to go on either a 4 foot or 6 foot tall wood sign.   Create a rustic Farmhouse Sign by staining your wood sign and applying a light colored decal sticker to your wood.   White and Light Gray are popular Decal colors for a Wood Sign that has dark, rustic brown stain.   Browse our collection of vertical words, such as Welcome, Home Sweet Home and many variations of Porch Decor lettering.   Remember these are ONLY the decal sticker - Wood Is Not Included.    Each product states what size wood sign is ideal for that design.

Tips for making your Tall Wood Porch Sign - either Paint or Stain the wood and allow it to fully dry for 24+ hours.  Then sand the wood sign and wipe it clean.  Finally apply your decal sticker to the wood sign.   Having a nice smooth wood surface will make applying your decal sticker much easier.

24 of 26 Items
24 of 26 Items