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Sensory Path Decal Stickers Are HERE!   Read All The Details!

Sensory Path Decal Stickers Are HERE! Read All The Details!

Posted by KM Ymker on Feb 26, 2021

Sensory Path Decals

Sensory Path Leap Frog Logs Vinyl Sticker Decals School Hallway Floor 25pc

After many requests from our customers we have now LAUNCHED our Sensory Path collection of decal stickers for school and daycare hallway floors!   These sensory path items are AMAZING for:

1. getting the children motivated to move more

2. encouraging mobility and improving coordination

3. allowing children to take a "brain break" during school time

Before we debuted our School Sensory Path Decals, we wanted to be sure they worked well and so we took the time to help install them in one school.   You can see that Sensory Path in use on this page. Below are details of the full size and layout of that project along with flooring details!

The sensory path decals that we have available right now are found HERE.

They are all individual items to allow you to pick and choose which ones you want.  In each item we give a sample layout with the size of the layout.  This will help you add together the various sensory path decals to get to the size of your hallway floor.   If you are looking for help designing the layout of your sensory path decals, we are here to help!   You may contact us with the size of your hallway and we can put together a digital layout preview for you for a small fee.   Here is the Contact Us sectionIn time we will offer various Sensory Path packages to fit certain hallway sizes.

Flooring:   The school that we installed the sensory hallway stickers in had their janitor check with their tile flooring manufacturer for the best method.

They were looking for a very long-term use Sensory Path.   The tile manufacturer recommended the decals be applied on a stripped floor and then apply the wax coat over the decals.   

Sensory Path Tip Toe Line Paper Airplanes Sticker Decals School Hallway

This worked superbly!

Is it absolutely necessary?  I doubt it.    The wax seals the decal to the floor but since the Sensory Path decal stickers are made with outdoor-grade sign vinyl, the adhesive is super strong and will not come loose for a number of years unless something scratches or digs under them.  (Do Not try to drag a desk across the sensory path decals!) We can not guarantee decals won't be slippery if not sealed.

We also tested the Sensory Path Decal Stickers on our regular linoleum entryway flooring.  The linoleum is not perfectly smooth. But we have walked over this green Marching Ant daily for over a year, swept and mopped it as usual and it is still firmly stuck in place with no signs of coming loose! We have also tested a large dot and a detailed log on our low pile industrial carpet, it is also holding up great! See videos of carpet application here. We will keep you posted if we come across any flooring type that is not a good fit for Sensory Path Floor Decals.

Sensory Path Marching Ant decal stuck to a textured linoleum floor.

Sensory Path Marching Ant decal stuck to a textured linoleum floor and handling traffic very well!

Sensory Path Marching Ants Vinyl Sticker Decals School Hallway Floor 25pc

Layout:  To start off, measure your hallway or floor area - the length and the width.    Consider the flow of traffic - do you want the children keeping one side of the hallway clear, where should the path start and finish?  In the school that we worked in, they had a hallway with offices and away from classrooms.  This allows the PE class to use it without interrupting other classrooms.

Sensory Path Wall Pushes Slide Sticker Decals School Hallway Foot Hands

When you are adding your different Sensory Path Decals together add in some space between each section.  We suggest factoring in at least 8"-12" of space between each Sensory Path activity.   

Here's an example:  You want to use the Logs and Frogs Leap activity along with the Wall Pushes Hands and Feet.  

The Logs and Frogs will cover 9 feet when applied and spaced as we display it.   

The Wall Pushes cover 7 feet (although you could easily stretch this to 8 feet and make their feet Slide a bit further).   

When you add 9 feet + 7 feet + 1 foot in between, these 2 sections will cover 17 total feet.

Or if you only have a 10 foot long hallway (and at least a 6 foot wide) you could apply the Logs and Frogs on one side and the Wall Pushes on the other side.   Then you can add in the Tip Toe line and connect both ends together.

Sensory Path 8-Inch Polka Dot Stickers Vinyl Decals School Hallway Hop

Tip - cut apart each decal sticker (they will come on larger sheets) and lay it out on your floor prior to applying them to the floor.   You can then map out colors and spacing.  Once a Glossy Decal is applied, the strong adhesive isn't likely going to let you pull it up and move it.  

We used the squares of the tile to help align and layout the entire Sensory Path.  If you are applying to a floor without squares, you may want to break out the tape measure.   We never used a single tape measure on this tile floor though!

Application:  We will include an industrial squeegee with each Sensory Path Decal purchase.  This really cuts down on the bubbles in your decals.  Anytime you apply a strong Glossy Decal to a super smooth surface you have a high likelihood of bubbles.   To cut down on bubbles, work with a squeegee and work from side to side.  When we applied the Ant to our slightly textured linoleum, the issue with bubbles was much less.

We have quite a bit of video footage of these Sensory Path Decals being installed so be sure to check those out prior to your application.

Some of the Sensory Path Decals are a simple peel-n-stick application (Hopping Dots as videoed above and Tip Toe Line) while others have the top transfer tape layer to peel off.

Looking for something unique in your own school or daycare?   Consider a Sensory Path!