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Sensory Path Decals

   Motivate and Inspire young children to move, hop, skip,  jump more with a Sensory Path layout on your school's hallway floor.  These sensory path hallway stickers are a great way for school children to take a "brain break" during learning time too.   Sensory Path Floor Decal Stickers on your hallway floor can also increase coordination for young students as they step carefully on dots, ants, logs and frogs.  Sensory Floor Decals are great for Daycare Centers too!  Our Sensory Path Decals are made with our Outdoor-Grade Glossy Vinyl because it has a super strong adhesive!   We applied them to school tile floors and also regular linoleum flooring with excellent results - read about it in This Article!

  See our Video Tutorials about the Sensory Path Decals    HERE


Click here for our Stencil Stickers to Paint Sensory Path onto Concrete!

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24 of 24 Items