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Mailbox Decals Help, How-Tos and Application Tips

Read here for great help and tips for applying and using your Mailbox Decal Stickers from Wall Decor Plus More

mailbox-decals-do-not-adhere-to-textured-surfaces.png First!  Do not try to apply Mailbox Decals to rough or textured surfaces.  The decals will NOT stick well or at all.  This applies to BOTH plastic and metal textured mailbox surfaces.  Any smooth metal mailbox or smooth plastic mailbox is a perfect surface for our Decorative Vinyl Mailbox Letters.


Are you familiar with Die-Cut Decals? 

Our Mailbox Decal Stickers are die-cut decals with NO background material.  The Mailbox Decal Sticker is sandwiched between the top transfer tape layer and the wax-like backing paper.  This allows the exact computer-generated decal design to be kept in perfect alignment when being removed from the backing paper.mailbox-decals-helpful-tips-1-.png

Have you read thru the decal applications?

An instruction sheet should have come with your Mailbox Decals.  You can find them HERE also.

When you are peeling the top tape layer off - which is your Final Step - it is best to peel the tape off at a SHARP angle.  If your decal is pulling up and wanting to stick to the tape yet, you will want to be PRESSING down with your fingertips while you are peeling at a sharp angle, as shown in the image at right.












Looking for suggestions on choosing your Mailbox Decal color?Silver Mailbox Decals applied to a Black Mailbox

choosing-a-decal-color-for-your-black-mailbox.jpgVinyl Sticker Colors that show up well on Black mailboxes are:

White, Silver, Copper, Beige, Red and Grass Green


Vinyl Sticker Colors that show up well on White Mailboxes are:

Black, Chocolate Brown, Charcoal Gray, Plum, Brilliant Blue or Deep Blue






Tips for specifying your Mailbox Decal Customization!

Mailbox15 Sample Text Customization Font Lettering Suggestions You all want your Mailbox Vinyl Decals to be readable from a distance or at a quick glance for optimal use.  As people or guests are traveling your street, Vinyl Mailbox Decals make your house or address easy to spot! 

Consider these images before choosing ALL CAPS for your customization.

We show a few example images here. 

All Caps lettering takes up more space than regular lettering with just the 1st letter capitalized.  We design our mailbox decals to fit a designated space, as shown on all our product pages.  More letters in the same space means the letters need to be shrunk proportionally to fit the space allowed.  The last image - Samples of Customization - has a font that looks good in both ALL CAPS and typical lettering.

The blue image shows Mailbox18 in the Option4 font choice.

mailbox18 Caps Fonts comparison on Mailbxo Decals for easy readablity  Mailbox Decals Custom Text Using All Caps Lettering  Custom Text Mailbox Decals Vinyl Stickers Using All Caps Tips

mailbox23 text sample ideas customization for mailbox decalsmailbox35 fishing boat text sample ideas mailbox decals customizationmailbox9-text-sample-ideas.jpg