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Stencil Stickers for Board Painting

Products that will help you Paint with your Vinyl Stencil Stickers


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Linked above are 12x12-Inch Wood Boards perfect for our 12x12 stencil stickers. 

We suggest Matte Acrylic Paints for your Painting and Apple Barrel is a great brand of Acrylic Paint. 

We also LOVE to use sponges for painting the design on wood.  Cut apart one of the above linked Sponges and use small pieces for each different color you paint!

Linked above are 15 Inch Round Wood Boards perfect for some of our stencil stickers

Want to see all our Stencil Sticker Options?  View our Stencil Category HERE.

Remember EACH stencil sticker order receives a FREE BONUS of painting tips!  Follow these tips closely for a wonderful painted Wood Sign!

Check out some of the Boards attendees at our local Painting Parties have completed using our Stencil Stickers.

 Board Painting Party Using Stencil Stickers

12x12-stencil-sticker-board-painting-party-2-.jpg 12x12-stencil-sticker-board-painting-party-3-.jpg ws100-1-stencil-stickers-board-wood-painting-with-decals.jpg

ws100-3-stencil-stickers-for-pallet-board-wood-painting.jpg 12x12-stencil-sticker-board-painting-party-5-.jpg