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 Oh No! Fixing Your Wedding Reception Decor

Oh No! Fixing Your Wedding Reception Decor

Posted by KM Ymker on Jun 09, 2016

Feeling like your wedding reception venue is not what you wanted? Worried about how to personalize your reception? We've got wedding decor fixes that will have you dancing in the aisle. Let's look at three common problems:

  • The space has bland walls.

This is an easy one. You can use your choice of fabric and hang it on the walls to instantly transform the space from blah to ahhh! Personalize the space over the happy couple with a decal. You can choose from a special name and date decal, a gentle reminder for the families to get along on your special day, and more.

  • The dance floor is bo-o-oring.

Can you change that? You bet. Can you also add that personal touch? Absolutely. You can put a decal on the dance floor knowing that while you are decorating it to look the way you want, you aren't adding a tripping hazard.

Infinity Love Wall Decals Stickers Bedroom Decor Wedding Gift

Add a sweet thought with an infinity love decal to let people know how happy you are. Infinity decal not your style? There are lots to choose from. You can let everyone know how thankful you are that they are sharing in your special day, or add a monogram with your last name.

  • The chairs that come with the space are dated, the wrong color, or just plain horrid looking.

If you can rent chairs you like for the event, that's awesome. Another thing you can do is change the offending chairs very quickly with covers or fabric. You can add a personal touch by monogramming them for the event quickly and easily with vinyl decals!

We hope that you have gotten some ideas for how decals can save your marriage. Or at least your wedding reception.