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2 Reasons Why I Am Not in Love with Textured Walls

2 Reasons Why I Am Not in Love with Textured Walls

Posted by KM Ymker on Feb 06, 2016

1. Textured walls take up more paint.  

I recently found this out when I was re-painting my laundry room.  

This room has been in a constant state of "not quite complete" or done to my liking.  The past few works I worked to change that and we are getting closer to how I want that laundry room to look.  

Anyway... the textured walls..   This room has wallpaper that was impossible to remove (some previous owner applied wallpaper directly to sheet rock without priming the sheet rock first - BAD!).  

So in order to cover up the slightly removed wallpaper and its many edges and seams, I rolled on a rough texture.  Boy, do I regret that!  

Now as I have been repainting that room, I found that you REALLY have to roll on the paint to get a good coverage of these rough textured walls.

Here's a picture of my new paint color.... and a spot I found that needed a bit more paint!

Rough Textured Walls and Why I Am Not In Love With Them

2.  Textured walls make Wall Decals very difficult or impossible to apply!  

You know we all love wall decals here at Wall Decor Plus More.  So the challenge of applying wall decals to textured walls is definitely a trial for us!  

Why are wall decals challenging to apply to textured walls?  

High Quality Wall Decals are made with a specific adhesive that allows you to easily remove them later on without harming your painted or finished walls.  In order for this to be, the adhesive cannot be super strong.  

The challenge comes during the final step of application - removing the top tape layer.   

With rougher textured walls, the wall decals don't have a solid, smooth surface to bond quickly to; therefore the decal design likes to come up with that tape layer, instead of staying stuck to the walls.

Here's a video we have showing the difference between smooth and textured walls also.

Now, would you like to see the finished laundry room?  Coming soon... I'm still working on designing an awesome NEW Laundry Room Decal Sticker!  And trying out a brand new vinyl sticker color!  

I bet you are curious.... Check back soon!