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3 Accent Wall Ideas for Your Master Bedroom That Show Some Love

3 Accent Wall Ideas for Your Master Bedroom That Show Some Love

Feb 26, 2021

What better way to start off the new year than by feng shuing your master bedroom and taking on a little home decorating project? After all, your home (especially your bedroom) is meant to be your sanctuary, so it is of utmost to create an environment that allows you to find peace, love, and balance. In this post, we'll take a look at three inspiring accent wall ideas for your master bedroom.

  1. If Walls Could Talk: In a way, walls can talk when you decorate them with words that uplift you. Start every morning off the right way by inspiring yourself with important daily reminders on your accent wall. Using wall decals is an affordable, simple way to add texture to your master bedroom while also inspiring yourself for the day. Find a wall decal quote that fits your style; perhaps something like a meaningful message related to love or another love-themed quote that is short, sweet, and to the point. Are My Today All Tomorrows Wall Stickers Vinyl Decals Love Quotes Plum

  2. Go With Bold Color: Creating an accent wall does not need to be an expensive or exhausting undertaking. There are plenty of ways to spruce up the atmosphere in your master bedroom without going overboard. One straightforward way to transform your bedroom is by going with a bold, bright color for your accent wall. If all the other walls in your bedroom are white or another neutral color, opt for something a little louder like a turquoise, soft pink, or even purple.

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  3. Use Mirrors: This is a particularly handy tip for anyone who has a smaller bedroom. If you'd like to make it look bigger, use mirrors. Mirrors create the illusion that a room is larger than it really is, thanks to the reflection. Decorate your accent wall with a variety of decorative mirrors. You can also combine mirrors with a few pieces of art that reflect your personal style.

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