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3 Christmas Gifts Perfect for Mom

3 Christmas Gifts Perfect for Mom

Posted by Teresa VB on Nov 13, 2018

As the holiday season quickly approaches, it can seem stressful to start to consider gift options and pick out something memorable and useful for those whom you care about. Instead of absently searching stores and sites for something that will be decent, just visit us here at Wall Decor Plus More. We offer a variety and wide selection of wall decals for the home or business. With our many categories and styles, you are sure to find something that is a perfect gift for anyone.

There is no one better to give our gifts to than mothers, whether it be your own mom or a friend who has kids of her own. The home is a special place for anyone, but particularly to mothers. Here they spend countless hours raising children, making a lifestyle, and up-keeping the home. With this in mind, the home should be personalized and styled to what is comfortable and likable to those who live and spend time inside. So, consider some of our wall decals and ponder on these ideas to find something perfect for the moms this Christmas!

Bubbly Bathroom Decor

Although the bathroom is small in comparison to other rooms in the house, it still needs to be cute, especially considering how much time we spend there. No matter the previous decorating style of the bathroom, you are sure to find something that works with the color scheme and layout with all of our different decals and color and size options. Click here to see an example of a bathroom decal, or click here to see the whole collection.

Loads of Laundry Room Decals

Mothers spend a lot of time in the laundry room, whether it be dreaded or enjoyed. Although laundry work can often times seem tedious, it can be "loads" of fun if you have a bright, styled room that is fun to be inside and look at. Moms can wash their worries away with this decal, as well as many others found here. What better gift can you give this Christmas?

Cute and Crafty Kitchen Stickers

Just like many other rooms in the house, moms spend a lot of time cooking, eating, and baking in the kitchen. In fact, it has been said that the kitchen is the heart of the home. There is no better way to add to the warm feel and comfortable vibes that this room brings than to "spice" it up with some of our wall decals from the kitchen category. A perfect example for a busy mom is this kitchen conversion chart.

Canvas Photo Prints With Wood Edges Rustic Wall Banner Choose Size & Love or Family Lettering

Family Photo Prints

Here at Wall Decor Plus More, one of our newest products we now offer is custom Wood & Canvas photo print wall hangings. These art pieces are handmade using canvas prints attached to wood edges, lettering over the photo print is optional. A mother's most prized possession is her family, so any mom would definitely love a family picture to hang on the walls of her home, especially one that is affordable, cute, and rustic.

This holiday, make your mom's day with any of our wall decals. A treat as simple as this is sure to put a smile on anyone's face in this season of giving.