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3 Decor Tips to Make Your Farmhouse Feel Like a Home

3 Decor Tips to Make Your Farmhouse Feel Like a Home

Posted by Teresa VB on Oct 05, 2017

Whether you just purchased a new home or have owned yours for years, making your home feel like your own makes all of the difference. Adding personal touches throughout your home whether small or big can offer a sense of comfort and style. However, this process usually does not happen overnight and takes years until it is complete. For the time being, there are a few tips that you can use to get the process started.

Home on the Range

Decorate Using Wall Decals

Vinyl wall decals stickers are a nice way to add some personality to bare walls. It might be difficult to get the style of your house all the way right and this is where wall decals come in. Visual farm decals and a phrase like “Home on the Range” adds character to your home.

Personalize Your Home Décor

There are a number of ways that you can personalize your décor ranging from gallery walls to coat hooks. You can create coat hooks out of a wood plank and add names above each hook. Lastly, hang your favorite family images in your home using a gallery wall style. All you need are your favorite rustic frames, photos, and wall decals.

Change Your Window Treatment

Windows say a lot about a home. They offer one of the first glimpses into a home and frame how you see everything outside of your home. Based on the window treatments you choose, you can dictate how much light is let in. In order to keep the farmhouse style and feel, look for window treatments that are light and airy. Natural light is a simple way to make a space feel homey and comfy.

Now you are closer to making your farmhouse feel like your own space. Find more farmhouse design ideas.