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3 Places to Add Vinyl Decals to Improve Your Mood

3 Places to Add Vinyl Decals to Improve Your Mood

Posted by Teresa VB on Jun 19, 2018

Happiness experts and leading psychologists make big news out of the science of gratitude. There's plenty of proof that taking a moment in your day to say "Thank You" for the good things in life, big and small, can change everything. When you feel grateful on a regular basis, your experience of negative emotions like envy or sadness shrinks, and studies show that your body may even feel less physical pain.

So, how can you get these big benefits of gratitude? Start with your home! Surround yourself with decor that keeps feeling grateful front and center in your mind. A removable, affordable wall decal with a motto about gratitude is a simple start.

1) Mornings can be hectic, so the beginning of the day is a perfect time and place to take that breath and say "Thanks!" Change your outlook at breakfast with a kitchen wall decal that reminds you to find your gratitude while prepping your oatmeal or eggs.

2) Place a beautiful wall decal near the doorway of your home, so that you'll have a moment of gratitude every time you come and go. This elegant "So Thankful" decal comes in a variety of colors, so you can easily match it to a color scheme near your entry, or add a bright pop of contrast with a new accent hue.

So Thankful Elegant Vinyl Wall Decals Lettering for the Home

3) End your day with a gratitude accent in the bedroom to give you sweet dreams. This calming, simple cursive decal looks just right in a sophisticated master bedroom.

Whether your home is a peaceful sanctuary or a bustling headquarters, placing an inspiring wall decal in a style you love will help make an attitude of gratitude an effortless part of your day. Interior designers know that the mood and feel of the place you live in can change the way you feel, but you don't need a full renovation to adjust your outlook. An easily applied and fully removable wall decal won't harm your home's paint, which means this design choice gives you one more thing to be grateful for!