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3 Places To Boldly Display Your Barn Quilt

3 Places To Boldly Display Your Barn Quilt

Feb 26, 2021

So you've learned how to create a beautiful barn quilt. The question now is, where do I put one?

The first thing you will want to consider is how much space you have. Outside barn quilts are typically 8 feet tall and 8 feet wide. Their patterns are usually simple and not too detailed since they are intended to be seen from great distances

  • The first and most obvious place to display is on your barn. The ideal placement is centered on the front, in the middle of the barn roof framing. If you don't have a barn- a shed, garage or any sort of outbuilding can work. You can even display it right on your house.

The Barn Quilt Movement

Another thing to consider, which is certainly not mandatory, is if a side of your building of choice faces the highway. Barn quilt trails have been around for over 100 years. They have a following, and there are even maps online to help interested road-trippers find these trails as they travel. A little research to see if your property already faces a barn quilt trail just might influence your decision about placement.

Barn Quilt Stencil Art Vinyl Sticker Wood Project DIY Farmhouse Decor

Set of 2 Barn Quilt Stencil Design Decals Farmhouse Home Decor DIY Wood Art Project

An additional matching barn quilt can be displayed inside in a number of places. Use our barn quilt stencil to make a smaller version to be enjoyed in the house, we offer 24x24 and 12x12 size stencils.

  • Another bold placement is over the bed. Sometimes a work of art over the bed makes a better impact on the décor of the room than a headboard. If the colors in the room clash with your outdoor barn quilt, you can use the same pattern but choose colors that tie the room together.
  • Over the fireplace. Most living rooms with a fireplace have significant wall space between the ceiling and the top of the fireplace. A boldly displayed barn quilt can become like the house crest to a proud family.

Barn Quilt Stencil Art Vinyl Sticker Wood Project DIY Farmhouse Decor

There are many options available for anyone interested in joining this heritage-rich tradition. Click here to browse our barn quilt stencil design options!