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3 Reasons Why Our New Wall Decal Vinyl Material Is Better

3 Reasons Why Our New Wall Decal Vinyl Material Is Better

Posted by KM Ymker on May 01, 2015

Exciting info on our new vinyl wall decal material

We wanted to give you a little insight into some changes we are implementing with our Wall Decal vinyl material for Home Decor.

We are VERY excited about a new vinyl material!  We were given a sample last fall. After taking the time to test it out and get some feedback; we want to share details.  Needless to say, this vinyl material is exceeding all our expectations!  Here's why:

1. This new wall decal material seems to bond much better to textured walls or slightly rough surfaces.  In today's homes, you find many textured walls and surfaces - this makes it easier to hide slight flaws in the mudding or sheet rock.  But when it comes to wall decals, textured walls are not our favorite!

2. Our new vinyl material comes away from the backing paper easier.  Removing the backing paper is the 1st step of application.  Everyone is excited to get started with their new wall decal and prefers that 1st step to be quick and simple!

3. The new vinyl material is more supple and soft feeling when, in fact, it is slightly thicker.  To me, this is amazing technology at work!  We have a sturdier material with a bit more thickness yet it is not cumbersome and bulky.  I always considered that a thinner material molds better to rough, bumpy surfaces but a thin material can easily be ripped too.  This new vinyl material displays a perfect blend of the best qualities of both of these situations!

So, now the bad news:  This new material is only available in a select few colors.  We wanted to be sure the new vinyl material matched our previous material so that customer's could add to their wall decor without fear of it not matching.  

With some of our decal colors, we are still using up the old material and stock. But we have already been producing our Black, Chocolate Brown, and White wall decals using the new material.

As you purchase from Wall Decor Plus More, you will be able to tell the difference in the 2 materials by looking at the backing paper.

New Wall Decal Vinyl Material vs Old Vinyl Material

Feedback from our customers clearly revealed a difference in the wall decal application when using the 2 materials side-by-side.  The new material adheres better and also has a more "painted on" look - a direct result of adhering better to bumpy and slightly rough surfaces.  These pictures show the difference - the Black dandelion decals are in the new material whereas the Gold Stars are in the old material.  These are both applied to walls in my office which has a quite rough texture.  Notice how loose the Gold Stars look compared to how well adhered the Black decals are.

New Wall Decal Vinyl Material shown in Dandelion Wall Decals New Wall Decal Vinyl Material Gold Star Wall Decal Vinyl Stickers on Office Wall

What color Wall Decals are you decorating with right now?  If you have tried out both of our vinyl materials, we would LOVE to hear your feedback also!