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3 Wall Decor Ideas Under $25!

3 Wall Decor Ideas Under $25!

Posted by CM Spaans on Sep 05, 2014

Aren't we all always looking for a bargain?? Decorating your walls with vinyl decals can be an option for that! Check out three ideas that stay $25 and under!

1. Use polka dots to jazz up a room. In the picture below, 3 sets of 5 inch polka dots were used. That comes out to $21.45!

2. Stripes are easy to do and look fantastic! Featured below are our 2 Inch Stripes. The stripes come in a set of 2 sheets with 5 stripes on each sheet. For just $14.00! 

Bonus find: Our 6 Inch Triangles come in a set of 12 for $10.99!!

3. Animal print! Scatter these leopard print dots around the room! Or make a border with these animal print squares with giraffe and leopard prints! either way they look super cute and will spruce up any room! And stay under $25, as the leopard dots are $10.99 for a sheet of 28 pieces, and the squares are $21!


Cheers to staying under budget and keeping your house looking fabulous!

~ Cassie ~