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3 Ways to Decorate a Farmhouse Kitchen

3 Ways to Decorate a Farmhouse Kitchen

Posted by Teresa VB on Nov 08, 2018

If you live anywhere in the country, or have country roots, or have even had a little bit of experience with it, then you know that the kitchen is the heart of a country home. This is where the farm fresh eggs and fresh garden produce is washed, prepared, and enjoyed. This is where you can the fruits and vegetables you grow, or where you make homemade jam that is spread on warm, fresh bread. This is where your family gathers each night, where stories are told, where memories and meals are made, and where love begins.

This being said, the kitchen holds an important place in your home. It is the heart. So there is no better way to add to the comfort and feel of this room than to decorate it with the farmhouse and country styles you love. Here at Wall Decor Plus More, we have a collection full of different farmhouse styled stickers perfect to decorate your home, especially your kitchen. Our stickers are durable, affordable, high-quality, easy to apply, and fun. With all the designs we have to choose from, you are sure to find something that is perfect for your home! And, there are so many ways to use these farmhouse styles to add a rustic touch to your kitchen.

Decorating Your Kitchen Walls

In our farmhouse collection, we have many country quotes and designs that can be the perfect decor for your farmhouse kitchen. Quotes such as happiness is homemade, y'all come eat, home on the range, and country kitchen are sure to add that rustic touch to the heart of your home. Even a simple farmhouse vinyl can work perfectly with your kitchen. Other designs such as the pig, farm fresh truck, farm fresh eggs, farm animals, and vegetables will give your kitchen the country feel that it deserves.

Farm Fresh Eggs Vinyl Art Decals Farmhouse Decor Wall Art Stickers

Build Longer Table, Not Fence Family Vinyl Letters Kitchen Wall Decals

Decorating Your Kitchen Entry Way

The heart of your home needs to be inviting to both family and guests. There are many ways to use our stickers from our farmhouse collection to make your kitchen welcoming and inviting. Adding vinyl stickers such as welcome to our farmhouse, a farmhouse established, hey y'all, or a simple hello will make this room the place where your family and guests want to be.

Barn Quilt Stencil Sticker to create a Wood Project for DIY Farmhouse Decor

Welcome To Our Farmhouse with Established Date Vinyl Lettering Decals Stickers for Farmhouse Style Entry Wall Decor

Decorating Your Kitchen Storage

Try our cute stickers that are perfectly designed for your kitchen food storage.

Canister or Jar Decals for Kitchen Organization, set of 4, Customize your Text

Bread Potatoes Onions Vinyl Stickers Label Kitchen Storage Wall Decals Farmhouse

Decorating with your Heart

Not only is the kitchen where meals are made, but it is where memories are made. It is the heart of your home. So decorate it with all your heart and feel the love that it brings.