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4 Ways to Customize the Mailbox Area of your Home

4 Ways to Customize the Mailbox Area of your Home

Posted by KM Ymker on May 05, 2016

Turning a property into a “your own” is one of the biggest rewards of owning your own home. One easy way to customize a house is by incorporating a mailbox which reflects your personality and interest styles.

Here are four options for customizing your mailbox.

1. Install a sturdy post.
Instead of having your mailbox teeter on a flimsy metal stake, build or purchase an attractive post out of strong material such as wood, cement or steel. Not only will this improve the feature’s appearance, it will also increase its structural integrity. A durable post can support a mailbox for many years, keeping your bills and other important mail safely protected, and hopefully dry.

2. Choose a mailbox style.

Though some homeowners choose to use a simple, single-colored metal mailboxes, installing a mailbox that attracts attention can enhance the curb appeal of the entire property. Purchasing a Mailbox similar to your neighbors can make your street look uniform. Purchasing a Mailbox that is unique can set you apart from your neighbor making it easier for your mail carrier.

Mailbox Decals Decorative Monogram Mailbox Stickers Custom Lettering

3. Install High Quality Decorative Mailbox Decals.
Highly visible numbers on the exterior of the mailbox make it more functional as well as attention-getting. It’s a good safety measure to clearly display your address, helping EMTs, etc quickly locate your home in the event of an emergency. Be sure you choose Mailbox Decals that are proportional in sizing for your Mailbox. You will want your Mailbox letters large enough to be read from a distance. Choose a color that is contrasting to your Mailbox color – White or Silver Mailbox Decals for a Black Mailbox, etc.

Decorative Mailbox Decals Mailbox Monogram Decals Custom Lettering

4. Beautify the area with Landscaping
Incorporating color doesn’t have to stop at the mailbox itself. Planting flowers of a complementary color, or adding mulch and interesting ground covers can make your mailbox a beautiful focal point. With the small area around your Mailbox, it will not be a large challenge to plant some flowers. If in doubt, stop at your local greenhouse for colors that will complement your Mailbox area and home.

An added bonus, sprucing up your Mailbox is a home improvement project that can boost the value of your home.