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4 Ways to Give Your New RV Some Character

4 Ways to Give Your New RV Some Character

Posted by Teresa VB on May 18, 2017

The modern RV is an incredible thing. The way they manage to squeeze so much luxury into such a small space is astounding. From a full kitchen to a high definition TV, there are very few comforts you won't find in most modern trailers and coaches.

That said, these snazzy homes-on-wheels do tend to be lacking in the decor department. Many modern RVs are filled with drab furniture and curtains in dull browns, grays, and black. While it does make sense to keep things fairly neutral in order to please the majority of customers, we find that these bland color schemes lack character.

Fortunately, brown, gray, black, and beige all make perfect base colors, making it easy to build on the included decor and make your new RV your own. Simply add some accents that compliment your color scheme, and you'll have a whole new look that is just bursting with fun.

Here are a few of our favorite additions and ideas.

Add Some Pillows

Pillows are inexpensive and easy to change out whenever you like. They can be added to the couch, the dinette, and the beds. For this reason, throw pillows and pillow shams are a wonderful way to add some spice to your RV.

Change Out the Shower Curtain

Is your bathroom boring? We know most RV bathrooms are pretty plain. However, adding a cute shower curtain and matching rug can make a huge difference. Try to find something colorful and add a splash of cheer to this tiny room.

Pick Out a Tablecloth

Replacing the entire table is not always an option. However, if you find that your table needs a makeover, try adding a tablecloth or some placemats. This gives the table some color and a fabulous new look to go along with it.

Decorate the Walls

Most RV walls are pretty dull to look at, but painting the walls is a pretty big project. Instead of taking on such a big task, why not add some flair with the use of some super-cute camping wall decals? These adorable decorations are the perfect addition to any motorhome or travel trailer.

Try these tricks and we are sure you will see your character showing up in your RV in no time!

<-- We found this blog post about a couple that redid the entire interior of their 5th Wheel! Pretty awesome renovation photos and details here: