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5 Creative Themes for Your Classroom Welcome Wall

5 Creative Themes for Your Classroom Welcome Wall

Feb 26, 2021

It's "back to school" season already and that means shopping for school supplies, planning lessons, and decorating the classroom. Along with informational posters and class management bulletin boards, a very popular classroom staple is the welcome wall (or door!). This is where the teacher proudly displays the names of the kids in his or her class with a welcoming quote. The possibilities are endless but these are our favorite!

Teacher Classroom Wall Decor Decal Sticker Pencils Just write for our class

1. Pencils

No classroom is complete without a stockpile of pencils and colorful pencil cases. Likewise, what is a classroom without students? This pencil decal allows you to pay homage to that timeless school necessity while reminding your students how glad you are that they are in your class. As an added bonus, this decal allows you to write on your own surface so it can be used year after year!

2. Apples

The apple is classic school imagery. It's difficult to think about school without thinking about an apple. Additionally, school goes hand in hand with fall, the perfect time to go apple picking. Celebrate school and fall with this apple decal. Make some apples out of red and green paper and your welcome wall can be an adorable apple tree!

3. Stars

With Toy Story so popular right now, any kid would love to enter a classroom with his or her name written in the stars. The encouraging quote lets them know that you are already expecting greatness and that they have the potential to reach it. You can make stars out of your own paper or pair the decal with these stickers.

School Wall Decor Decal Art Sticker Shine in Grade Class Year

4. Adventure

Let your class know they are in for an adventure with this decal. Make your own woodland creatures out of paper or pair the decal with these feather stickers. Your classroom will be the trendiest one in the hallway.

5. Nautical

Is the ocean more your cup of tea? These sailboats can be paired with your own quote, such as "sailing into a new school year", for a year-round taste of summer.

Creativity doesn't have to stop with the welcome wall. Check out our website to see how you can make an amazing reading corner, artwork display, or inspirational bulletin board with our easy to apply decals!