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5 Enjoyable Ideas for Fall

Posted by CM Spaans on Sep 19, 2014

Hello everyone! It's that time of year again! Stores start putting out pumpkins, leaf decorations, candy corn and so much more! Yup, that's right! Fall is just around the corner! Clothing stores are putting out the sweaters and sweatshirts and long sleeves. And as much as I wish summer would stay, I do love fall!

There are so many wonderful activities we can do during the fall season! Drinking hot cocoa around a campfire, wearing cozy sweaters, apple cider and doughnuts, football, picking apples, going to a corn maze, jumping in leaf piles (yes, I still do this with my nieces and nephews!), the fresh crisp air that just says fall, and everything pumpkin!

Okay, so I already mentioned way more than 5 ways to enjoy fall, but here are some awesome activities that sound so fun I need to try them myself!

1. Print this checklist and see how many of the 50 items you can get checked off before winter hits!

2. Create a door wreath! This DIY decoration looks so beautiful and actually quite simple as well!

3. Decorate your walls, house, front porch and more for fall!

4. Host a popcorn bar party!! This looks like so much fun! Get ideas here!

5. Do a color tour! My home state of Michigan is gorgeous this time of year!


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