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5 Reasons Why We Use Inspirational Quotes to Inspire Us

5 Reasons Why We Use Inspirational Quotes to Inspire Us

Posted by KM Ymker on Jan 09, 2016

Studies prove that being inspired increases happiness and well-being, facilitates progress towards goals, and serves as a springboard for action and creativity (Harvard Business Review ‘Why Inspiration Matters’ Scott Barry Kaufman – Nov. 8, 2011). 

Here are Five Reasons why quotes can inspire us: 

1. Inspirational Quotes can give us great aspirations! These type of inspirational quotes are great in a classroom or exercise facility to inspire us to exercise or to try harder. 

Aim High Inspirational Wall Decals Quote

 2. Inspirational quotes, as a general rule, are designed to make us feel good.  We all appreciate these, right?!  Place these "feel good" inspirational quotes in a place where you need them most - your bathroom mirror, kitchen cupboard door, etc.

Be Your Own Beautiful Wall Decals Girls Quote

3.  Inspirational Quotes also make us feel connected to others.  If you are a Mom, you know what quotes I am talking about...

4. Inspirational Quotes can be a gentle reminder of what we already know.  

You were given life Inspirational Memorial Quote Wall Decals

5. Inspirational Quotes provide positive re-inforcement and encourages a positive attitude.

Want to know what the official definition of inspiration is?

“the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative.”

Let's all take this day, this week or this month and be an INSPIRATION to others!  That will be the most rewarding inspiration of all!