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5 Stress-Free Winter Decorations

5 Stress-Free Winter Decorations

Dec 31, 2018

Holidays are stressful enough with hectic schedules, gifts to buy, and events to attend, so decorating your home shouldn't add to any of that! We here at Wall Decor Plus More want to alleviate some stress while still helping you to deck the halls to match your own personal familial style!

Hearts all home for Christmas Winter decor Wall Decal

1. Vinyl Decals

In this day and age, who honestly has time to paint themselves a gorgeous handmade sign? Why not use vinyl decals instead?

Between cute sayings of "Baby, it's Cold Outside" or a more sentimental "Hearts Home for Christmas", you're sure to find your family hidden within these stickers. Make memories by having a family project by adding the snowman's face to different sized mason jars, then fill them with marshmallows to be displayed all winter long!

2. Wooden Signs

Holidays are exceptionally festive, with friends coming and going more than usual! Add this sign to your foyer or living room to remind them you're there all year long or have your Christmas family pictures added to this wooden sign to hang for years to come. Either way, you're sure to be pleased with the memories hanging around. Add some winter wonderland vibes by sprinkling fake snow on the top, or backlighting with Christmas lights.

3. Festive Shirts

Who says decorating has to remain on the walls? Why not spruce up the family photos with matching shirts? Come up with your own saying, or choose a favorite to add to matching shirts. Simply head here for details!DayCare Crew Shirts for Christmas Gifts

4. Etched Glass

Another memory making project is sure to be had with a glass-etching kit. Whether you choose to revitalize an old dish, add life to a dusty vase, or create your own wall sign on glass, this is another way to really spend some quality time with your family while still adding pizzazz to your home! What a keepsake to give to your loved ones, or spend time making together! Whether you choose the family initials or are adding "made with love" to a homemade gift, you cannot go wrong with etched glass!

5. Canvas Signs/Prints

It's such an easy process to choose a picture for your home, whether it's the family photo from last year, from a wedding, or just because, these signs, coming in any size you choose, are such an easy way to add life and decoration to your home. Add some festive flair by backlighting it with Christmas lights, or framing it in garland! From stacking them through the staircase or simply one oversized picture in the family room, the options are as limitless as your family's memories! Head here to order yours today!