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A Personal Touch: Decorating your Wedding with Decals

A Personal Touch: Decorating your Wedding with Decals

Posted by Teresa VB on Jul 13, 2017

WD940 Laurel Wreath Monogram Letter Decal on table cloth beach wedding

You've picked the perfect person to spend the rest of your life with. Now, before you start the beginning of your married life, it's time to pick the decor for your wedding.

Turning your venue into a representation of your love is often stressful for couples. Luckily, there is a simple way to transform any space: personalized decals. It's easy to make your special day one you - and your guests - will remember forever. Let us show you three ways to decorate your wedding with decals.

WD898 Personalized Wedding Welcome Sign And So The Adventure Begins

A Welcoming Sign

As you and your future spouse say "I Do," it's important that both of your families feel welcomed. This decal invites your guests to "pick a seat, not a side" and reminds everyone in attendance that "we're all family when the knot is tied."

This is a lovely sentiment and an easy addition to your wedding decor. The ease of decals means that you can choose whichever background you like to display this invitation to your families. If you'd like it on plain poster board, it will look stunning against a white background. For fancier options, the possibilities for creativity are endless.

WD724 Custom Bean Bag Laurel Wreath Decal Stickers DIY Wedding Gift

Fun During the Festivities

If your wedding is during the warmer months (or even if you have enough space in your reception hall), a crowd-pleasing party activity is a game of cornhole. Invite your guests to participate in some fun and carefree rounds of cornhole...with your very own personalized cornhole boards!

These decals come in sets of two and will feature your last name with a date. This special touch will remind your guests what they've come together to celebrate. Plus, as a bonus, you'll be able to pull out these personalized boards and play a few rounds of cornhole for all future parties to come!

Lasting Impressions

There are so many possibilities for these custom monogram decals. They look great on glass and would be an ideal addition to vases in centerpieces. You can even use them on small decorative glasses at the bar, by the dessert table, or near your guest book. If you'd like to be even more creative, buy a large picture frame and stick the decals on; then, give your guests permanent markers to write well-wishes on the glass around the monogram. It will be a beautiful keepsake for you and your spouse as you start your life together.

However you decide to use this decal or any of the decals we have available for wedding decor, you can rest assured knowing that you will have a simple and personal touch to add to your special day.

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