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A Note From The Cat--A Funny Letter from your 4-legged Furry Love

A Note From The Cat--A Funny Letter from your 4-legged Furry Love

Posted by Teresa VB on Dec 14, 2017

We need to talk.

I really like the way you've redecorated for the holidays, but I find the new art to be unsatisfactory. Surely it is an oversight and you'll get to it anon, but I have to tell you I am really missing the wall decals that confirm my overall fabulousness.

I have to tell you that current situation is distressing in the extreme and may, in fact, cause some unpleasant side effects. I need constant reassurance that my lovely fur does add a little pop to the decor, and if I don't then I might be leaving some little surprises behind the sofa--after all, if you really don't care about cat hair then a little hairball should not be an issue.

Now, about my winter naps. While I would prefer the thermostat be set at a cool 85 degrees, I will accept a lower setting if you agree to have a sun lamp available for my afternoon snooze. I understand your reluctance to keep a roaring fire going after the unfortunate incident with the curtains last winter; but I can't help it if you were so startled to find me on top of the curtain rod that you dropped the birthday cake. You're too old for candles anyway and you know that you had been wanting to replace those old floral things. I just gave you an excuse.

I would prefer the sun lamp be on the table by the sofa, the one under the south-facing window. And don't forget that I do prefer the cashmere throw, and that if I find that tacky fleece thing I might have to sharpen my claws on the dining room chairs.


The Cat

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