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Add a Little Action to the Space: 5 Places to Use Sports Wall Decals

Add a Little Action to the Space: 5 Places to Use Sports Wall Decals

Posted by KM Ymker on Jun 03, 2016

Wall Art Sports Decals make Cool Room Decor

Modern technology means that decorating a space does not end with a coat of paint and some pictures hanging on the way. Instead, consumers now have the chance to use decals to add a little action to any space. Decals are an awesome way to create cool room decor in any space. If you are finishing the decor for a sports fan in your home, here are 5 places to use sports wall decals.

  • The Sports Fan Cave

Typically, when a person thinks of a cave or an escape in their home, it has the title man cave. However, with sports walls decals, the escape space does not have to be restricted to men only. It can be opened up to all sports fans in the house. One creative idea to decorate the space for a family of athletes is to get the decal of their sport, cut it out to fit either above or around shelves or shadow boxes, and finally add the awards earned by that family member. This way each person has a wall they are proud of and that will inspire them.

  • A Home Gym

Cool room decor is an awesome way to add spice to any home gym. Find the quotes or sports images that mean the most to the person using the space and place them in strategic locations in the space. On the days they struggle to finish or even start a workout, look at the decor and get reenergized. Make sure if multiple people use the space they all have a say in the sports wall decals.

  • A Young Kids BedroomSports Wall Decals Stickers Home Run Wall Lettering

Young children have the most impressionable minds. If there is a young athlete in the home, let them decorate their room to reflect their passion. Kids wall decals are easy to apply. Just remind them that once the decal is up it cannot be reused, so make sure they are certain of its location before applying it. The decals do not have a background color in them so the child will not miss the color of their room when the new decor goes up.

  • Playrooms

A child's playroom should let them imagine and play out any fantasy they have. Sports wall decals can inspire them to imagine they are any athlete they want to be. Playrooms are also the perfect place for sports themed celebrations to be held, add a pop of action to the walls to inspire the attendees.

  • Dorm Rooms

College dorm rooms are known for two things, one they are small and two they have no life to them. Add a spice of life and touch of who the student is to the walls with wall decals. Choose a sport or just find something that reflects what the student wants to do in school. Check with the school before purchase, but remember the decals are easy to put up and take down. They will not damage the wall, but once used they cannot be reused.

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