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Add Some Pizzazz To Your Wall Arrangement with Gold Stars!

Add Some Pizzazz To Your Wall Arrangement with Gold Stars!

Posted by KM Ymker on Apr 02, 2015

Seeing as we have been in our new shop for almost a YEAR now... I am still finding many areas to add Wall Decals too!  Can any of you relate to this constant decorating urge?!

Gold Star Wall Stickers add pizzazz to this photo frame

So I was given this vintage looking frame as a gift and hung it up immediately in my office.  Just last weekend, I added a  bit of pizzazz to this wall arrangement with Gold Star Stickers.

These Gold Star Stickers are a simple peel-n-stick.  My girls were home and HAD to help - since they weren't so good at the photographer part {blurry photos and wobbly videos}, they did the "application" - THAT'S how simple it is!


Here's is the view from my desk.  Although these Gold Stars are only 2-Inch in size, they pack a big decor "punch" when arranged elegantly!

Office wall arrangement with Photo Frame and Gold Star Wall Stickers

And then a little bit about textured walls with these Star Decals...  Our texture man was a little more heavy on the texture than I would prefer in our new shop!  So we have a very good testing area when dealing with rough walls and wall decals - LOL!  In the images below you can see how these Gold Stars very lightly stick to the textured wall.  I have them up for a week now and only lost one to a visiting toddler's inquisitive hands. =) I will continue to gently press them down about once a week which will ensure they do not fall off the wall.  

Gold Star Wall Sticker Shape on textured walls Gold Star Wall Sticker on a rough textured wall