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Adding A Personal Touch to the Holidays: Homemade Gifts

Adding A Personal Touch to the Holidays: Homemade Gifts

Posted by KM Ymker on Oct 21, 2016

As the weather cools off your mind begins to consider the end of year holidays, that will be here before you know it. Instead of stressing over what to buy for all of your friends, coworkers, or family members surprise them. This year add a personal touch to the holidays with homemade gifts - make your gifts homemade this season.

Flower Pots for the Generations

This is a fun one for kids of all ages to make. The materials you need are a nice flower pot (size and shape of your choice) and decals. You may want to add some paint to the pot too in which case you need paint, sponge brushes, and acrylic sealer. Let the kids add their names and loving messages for grandparents or other older family members.

Etch it with a Decal

Stencil Decal Stickers for Etching on Glass Casserole Dish

This is an awesome idea for transforming plain dishes into a personal gift. It's perfect for your coworkers or friends. The tools you need include a decal with the etching tool and the dish. Choose the dish before the decal to ensure you have a big enough dish for your decal.

Personalized Mugs for Cold Mornings

Personalized Monogram Tumbler Mug Decal Stickers

The holiday season is accompanied by cold mornings. Let your friends, family, and coworkers warm up with their own personalized mug. These mugs are perfect for a warm cup of coffee or cocoa on the go. The tools you need are monogram decals and a mug of your choice. Stainless steel travel mugs help keep warm drinks warm during cold commutes. Add a small gift bag and tissue paper to finish the present.

Create a Chalkboard Plate for Cookies

This is another fun one for the kids to get involved with. To complete this project you will need the plate (check your dollar store for plain white plates), chalkboard paint, chalkboard markers, something to cover the table, food safe sealer for the plate, brushes, and stickers or other fun decorations. Simply follow the directions on the paint. Once the plate is dried and baked, give the kids the chalk markers and stickers to decorate the plate. After they are done, follow the directions on the sealer and you've got a fun and useful present.

The beauty of homemade presents is they are completely in the creator's minds. Have fun with this season of gift giving.