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Adding Color to Your Walls Without Picking up a Brush

Adding Color to Your Walls Without Picking up a Brush

Posted by Teresa VB on Jun 05, 2018

Although real estate agents might tell you that white or neutral walls are best for appealing to buyers, once you move into your home, neutral gets real old, real fast. You find yourself hungering for color, but feel overwhelmed at the very thought of painting and all the preparation that's involved before you even pick up a brush or roller.

Hmm, you think, how about wallpaper? But no, you have neither the time nor patience to tackle that job, plus when you tire of wallpaper, getting it off the walls is a job you wouldn't wish on your worst enemy. But there is another way to add a pop of color to your walls, and not only does it take little time to apply, it comes off just as easily as it goes up.

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Wall decals from Wall Decor Plus More are an excellent way to add highlights to any room in your house, and they come in a matte finish so they look just like paint. Simple to apply, you can decorate every room in your house in less time than it would take you to apply painter's tape, move furniture, and put down drop cloths. Wall Decor decals are manufactured in the USA from top-quality vinyl, so they're made to last, but should you tire of any of your choices, they're 100% removable so you can swap them out for new ones.

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Whether you unleash the bold decorator in your personality, and make an entire wall your canvas, or play it conservative and start out by highlighting one small area like the space over a desk, you have a dizzying bounty of colors, styles, and subjects to choose from. There are seasonal wall decals to welcome in every phase of the year and celebrate the holidays For the kids, Wall Decor Plus has a collection of 40 styles and colors, and that's just their nursery collection. There are also wall graphics and themes for big brothers' and sisters' rooms.

If you want to start each morning, and end each evening on a positive note, take a look at their collection of wall decal quotes perfect for the kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom. Best of all, deciding which wall decals are right for your home doesn't call for bringing home paint chips or wallpaper samples. Whether you lean towards, woodland or chic, rustic or modern, all you have to do is visit WallDecorPlusMore or contact us for a custom design!

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