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Amazing Crafting DIY Projects Using Vinyl Decal Stickers #1

Amazing Crafting DIY Projects Using Vinyl Decal Stickers #1

Posted by KM Ymker on Feb 13, 2015

We promised you on Facebook that we would share the details on our latest crafting day success!  Since it was a wildly successful day, we may have to split this into a few posts... but let's get started!

I'd say I will start with my favorite craft project but I fell in LOVE with too many of them!  But we will start with the shoe box lid DIY project.

I had found some coordinating material pieces sold in small 12"x 12" pieces at Hobby Lobby that were perfect for this DIY project.  After saving shoe box lids for eons, I had a very nice variety of sizes to choose from.  {NOW I am able to discard the un-used ones which always makes me feel better! - less clutter = less stress}  If you have options, choose a shoe box lid that is sturdier and medium size.  I chose to use a variety for this set of 3. 

The first step is to make/order your lettering.  We are using Iron-On vinyl in a Beige color in this DIY project.  The Iron-On lettering is something Wall Decor Plus More can easily cut and ship to you for your unique project.  Then just apply with your own iron.

Covering Shoe Box Lids with Fabric and Iron-On Lettering

Choose where you want the lettering to be placed.  Ours were small-ish and applied to the bottom right corner of the box.

After applying your lettering or words, you just have to glue the material to the cardboard.  We cut square sections out of the material corners which allowed us to fold the corners neatly without excess material bunched up.

Fabric covered corners of shoe box lid craft project

One of the shoe box lids wasn't as sturdy.  I felt once it was hung on the wall for awhile the cardboard would start to bow out.  To fix this, I put a strip of duct tape inside the back, connecting the top and bottom sides and then glued an extra piece of cardboard inside.  It definitely made the piece more sturdy.

Fabric covered shoe box lids with Iron-On lettering

In my mind, I picture this DIY project being used in a Gallery Wall arrangement, intermixed with family photos.  You can find more Gallery Wall inspiration on our Pinterest board HERE.

The 3 words I used can be used separately to describe your family photos or they can be combined to make a phrase. CHERISH SPECIAL MOMENTS     

Double purpose = BONUS!

You could also cover the shoe box lids by Mod Podging scrapbook paper on and adding vinyl stickers instead of Iron-On lettering.  There are so many creative opportunities here.... I can picture a Black/White photo being used in the background with Red vinyl lettering.  We will be showing you another DIY project using scrapbook paper and Mod Podge in a future post; so come back and visit us!