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Amazing DIY Project #2 - Repurpse 2x4 Boards and Decals - Shelf Sitter Wooden Blocks

Amazing DIY Project #2 - Repurpse 2x4 Boards and Decals - Shelf Sitter Wooden Blocks

Posted by KM Ymker on Feb 20, 2015

Funky Lettering Vinyl Decal Sticker

We have another REALLY NEAT repurpose DIY project to share with you in our Crafty Day Project series!  This DIY project involves making use of little scrap 2x4 boards.  With any construction job or remodel project, you will most likely have a few of these left over.  

You have heard the "two by four" phrase many times if you are around any construction crews!

I have been digging through the scrap pile after 2 recent construction jobs and came up with a bunch of these scrap wood pieces.  Another piece of wood that is handy to use in crafty DIY projects are 4x4 boards but they aren't as commonly used as the 2x4 wood pieces. 

We made adorable shelf sitter blocks in this DIY project. 

The items we used in this project were:

1.  2 x 4 wood pieces cut in various sizes - 3" to 4" was our approximate sizing

2. Paint

3. Sanding paper to smooth the edges after cutting

4. Scrapbook paper in coordinating colors/patterns, if desired

5. Vinyl sticker lettering

6. Mod Podge

To get started, make sure the wooden block edges are as smooth as you would like.  A lower number grit sand paper, like 60, will work just fine to rub the corners and edges with.  You don't want any loose slivers of wood.

Next, apply a nice coat of paint.  We chose a very neutral beige that would go with all our chosen scrapbook paper colors.  For our DIY project, we chose to keep 2 blocks plainly painted.  This adds a bit of variety and tones down the "busyness" of the other patterned papers.  On the blocks where we planned to add the scrapbook paper, we just painted the edges to make each block finished off and uniform.

After the paint is dry, the scrapbook paper is added.  Choose which paper is going on which block.  Cut the paper to fit perfectly on the face of the wooden block.  If you keep the paper from rolling over the edge, you will have less problem with wrinkling.  Trim the paper so it just BARELY covers the front of the wooden block.

To apply the scrapbook paper to the wooden blocks, first apply a thin coat of Mod Podge to the wooden block.  Lie your piece of scrapbook paper on the wooden block and smooth down gently.  Then, quickly apply another thin layer of Mod Podge over top of the scrapbook paper.  DO NOT use excessive amounts of Mod Podge as this will wrinkle the paper and it will dry wrinkled.  If you only use just enough Mod Podge to make the paper damp, you will have the ideal amount.  The scrapbook paper will wrinkle up a bit but, with the correct amount of Mod Podge, it will dry nice, flat and unwrinkled.

  To make full use of these adorable shelf sitter blocks, we decorated both sides.  

The final step: add the lettering or vinyl decal design to the wooden blocks, after the Mod Podge has dried thoroughly.  Here is where your project becomes uniquely yours!  We chose generic lettering that say "Family" and "Welcome".  Since Welcome has 1 more letter than Family, we added a cut flower to the last block of Family.

Wall Decor Plus More has a vinyl decal sticker available uniquely for this type of DIY project.  It comes with a maximum of 8 letters in a variety of fun and funky fonts.  So you can personalize a DIY project like this with your last name, words for each holiday, or even your child's name to decorate in their bedroom!

Block Lettering Vinyl Wall Decal