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Amazing DIY Project #3 - Floating Glass Frames and Your Favorite Vinyl Decal

Amazing DIY Project #3 - Floating Glass Frames and Your Favorite Vinyl Decal

Posted by KM Ymker on Mar 02, 2015

We have our final DIY project blog post tutorial coming your way.  I saved my favorite for last!!

Florals decorate the glass of floating frame along with Welcome lettering

Floating Glass Frames with Vinyl Decal Stickers

These floating frames are by far the easiest and most versatile of all the DIY projects we do here at Wall Decor Plus More.

The floating frames basically consist of old photo frames or picture frames and then a vinyl decal sticker.

I will give you a step-by-step of how I did a few of mine.  But keep in mind there are MANY options and possibilities with this DIY project!

Find an old frame that has glass intact.  I like to use old out-dated basic wooden frames.  Working with 8x10 size or larger makes for a nice wall hanging; but you may be looking for smaller frames to fill in a gallery wall arrangement also.



I remove the glass and paint the frame.  I found this gorgeous Pear paint that has a metallic sheen to it!  I fell in LOVE with this color - it's so pretty and pretty neutral in that is can coordinate with quite a few color themes!  I used the gray/silver color of this exact type of paint and it wasn't near as gorgeous. =( 

Gorgeous Pear Metallic Sheen paint for floating glass frames  Painting Photo frames to make Floating Glass Frames

As your paint is drying or waiting in between coats, you can apply your vinyl sticker decals to the glass.  I find it best to apply the decals to the glass on a solid surface.  You can press the decal on firmly without working about cracking the glass so much.  

Applying Decals to the Glass to make Floating Glass Frame

I also like to adhere the vinyl decal sticker to the front of the glass.  Applying to the back of the glass is an option, if you have the vinyl decal sticker mirrored or reversed.  But I still like the look of the vinyl decal stickers on the front.  When you apply to the back of the glass, you see the adhesive of the vinyl decal and can sometimes see tiny bubbles.  With our matte finish vinyl decals, your floating frame design will look painted on if you apply to the front of the glass.  3D look of a Floating Glass Frame 2-Color Family Decal quote

Floating Glass Frame with Deep Blue Lettering and Yellow Heart Decals

Adding a 2nd or 3rd color can really make your floating glass frame POP!

With the smooth surface of glass, applying wall decal stickers is FUN!  If you have ever applied tiny wall decal lettering to textured walls, you know what I am talking about!

After the frame is the color you like and the vinyl decals are applied to the glass, all you have left to do is glue the glass back into the frame.  I use hot glue to accomplish this.  Use a good glob of hot glue in the corners and then a thin line inside and around the frame.

Even if you don't need more wall decorations in your house, keep this great DIY project in mind for wedding gifts and birthday presents.  Here are a few floating frame gifts we have given in the past.

Floating Glass Frame High School Graduation Personalized Gift Monogram Floating Glass Frame Shower Gift

You can purchase some of these vinyl decals right online!  Or we can make a unique one just for too - just request customization here.