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Appliance Decals Are The Missing Piece of Your Kitchen Decor

Appliance Decals Are The Missing Piece of Your Kitchen Decor

Feb 26, 2021

If you're someone who owns a coffee maker, standing mixer, slow cooker, Instant Pot, or any other small appliance that gets a ton of use then you know the struggle: where does each appliance go so that it's easy to access but doesn't completely ruin your kitchen decor?

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Hard Decorating Choices

Most often, these appliances end up taking up valuable counter real estate that could otherwise house a cute wood block with your family name or a decorative stone tablet with an inspirational quote. Now you don't have to choose. The kitchen appliances can stay on the counter and you can have decorative sayings and patterns that match the rest of your kitchen decor. Our kitchen appliance decals allow you to add the details you've always wanted without sacrificing counter space to something that's not practical for your daily kitchen needs.

Personalize, Brighten, Add Flair

Whether you're baking with friends or entertaining for a large group, decals for your kitchen appliances add the personal touch and flair that you display in every other aspect of your home decor.

  • Family name decals aren't just attractive but can also be useful if you're someone who takes your slow cooker along to many pot luck meals and chili cook offs. No one can mistake your slow cooker for someone else's when your family name is added in an eye-catching font with a personalized decal.
  • Stripes, chevrons, flower bursts and more can easily brighten up and coordinate with your current kitchen decor. Finally, your coffee maker can match the backsplash tile and the Instant Pot can match the counters and cabinets. It's incredibly satisfying to see!
  • Fun sayings and inspirational quotes make every baking night a hit! Your social media photos will never be the same when you share recipes and snap photos of the standing mixer that has flair like no other.

Feeding My Tribe Instant Pot Mom Decal Vinyl Sticker Letters for Kitchen Appliance

Happiness Is Homemade Instant Pot Decal Kitchen Appliance Stickers

You Don't Have To Pick Just One

Now that you know about this missing piece, it's going to be hard to pick just one major accent for your kitchen and the good news is that you don't have to! Visit our appliance decal collection and find a way to brighten up every appliance, even if it doesn't sit on your counter all the time.

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