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Arranging Inspirational Canvas Prints on the Walls of Your Home

Arranging Inspirational Canvas Prints on the Walls of Your Home

Posted by Teresa VB on Aug 16, 2018

Including fun or inspirational sayings in your home can uplift every member of your family on a daily basis. If you love the idea of having artwork with such sayings, but you're not sure how to arrange the prints on your walls, it's easier than you might think.

Bedroom – Choose a gorgeous canvas print such as "Love Rules" that lists 11 rules for you and your spouse and comes personalized with your wedding date. This print, with a black background and metallic gold lettering, includes sayings such as "Respect Each Other, Be Spontaneous, Grow Old Together." Hang the print on the wall above your headboard. On both sides of the canvas, place one or two photos from your wedding. This stunning display will remind you and your spouse every time you climb into bed how much you love each other.

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Nursery – Above the crib in your little one's room, hang a lovely canvas print such as "Go Ahead! Take on the World" which also includes a sweet drawing of baby feet. This design is available in four different color schemes to make it easier to match your current decor. Around this print, hang small oval frames with pictures of your baby to draw attention to this marvelous piece of art. As your child grows up, you can change out the photos with new ones or include one from each year of their life.

Family Room – A canvas print with a dark leather background, metallic gold printing, and bronze glitter designs will look spectacular in your family room. Place it above your fireplace or next to any display shelving in the room. Choose a personalized print with your name, the name of your spouse, and your family name, along with your wedding date to commemorate your special day. This sophisticated-looking piece of art would also add flair to a formal living room area.

Kitchen – A lightweight canvas print will look fabulous in your kitchen hanging next to your spice rack or on the cabinetry doors of your panty. These canvas prints are so light that you can attach them with an adhesive strip so you won't need to make any ugly nail holes. Choose a design perfect for a kitchen such as one that includes sayings like, "A Pinch of Patience, A Dash of Kindness." This fantastic wall art is available in three different color schemes so you can find one that matches your aesthetic.

Wall prints on high-quality, satin canvas material will look so spectacular in your home that everyone will be in awe of them and want to know where you got each one. For more information about canvas wall art prints, please visit Wall Decor Plus More today.