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Branch Out with a Family Tree

Branch Out with a Family Tree

Posted by Teresa VB on Aug 07, 2018

What better way to display your beloved family photos than with a family tree! Here are six decals to present your family's heritage.

Family Tree With Room to Grow

Under our More Designs section, the second picture down displays seven fantastic trees ready to show off your family's branches. With room for six plus photos, find the tree that suits your needs and display your photos with style!

Family Tree Canvas add finger prints in colored ink WM0024

Family Wall Canvas with Quote

Just married? Try this beautiful wall canvas ready for your initials and wedding anniversary. The canvas comes with a tree complete with two lovebirds and your initials carved on the tree. The quote on the canvas says, "Family… Like branches in a tree, we all grow in different directions, yet our roots remain as one." As you add a baby to your tree branch out to other decals to show off all the extensions to your tree. Or add colorful fingerprints leaves from each new member!

Family Tree Vinyl Sticker Photo Collage

Keep your design simple with this tree sticker and room for seven photos. Display a group photo in the 8x10 spot and individual photos of you, your spouse, and children in the branches. Choose the color of your tree and frames for a more personalized tree or order as a stencil to place trees everywhere!

Tree Wall Decal Silhouette Vinyl Stickers for Family Photo with Leaves Branches

Curly Tree with Cursive Name Est Date Personalized Vinyl Wall Decals

Single Photo Tree

Want a tree that is not too busy? Try this tree on for size and display a photo on your stairwell or even the door into your family room. With tons of color options available, you will love this adorable tree decorated with leaves, fruit, and your favorite family photo!

Family in Cursive and Curls

Show off your family with this personalized tree with your family name in cursive and the established year. Super cute to place over a bookshelf or near a family photo. Place frames around your tree to fill up the wall with memories.

Metallic Gold Glitter Canvas Print Wall Art Personalized Wedding Gift Names

Dates and Details

Not into trees? Try a personalized decal displaying your families dates and details and then add in a customizable canvas photo print! For a more majestic family sign try a glittery family name sign. Either way, the personalized decor will impress guests!