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Camping: A Grand Adventure Awaits

Camping: A Grand Adventure Awaits

Posted by Teresa VB on May 04, 2017

In the middle of day-to-day life filled with meetings, deadlines, expectations and responsibility, something calls to you from deep inside. There's a longing in all of us for something a little bigger, a little grander. The need for adventure is with us from the moment we're born. We crawl around looking for exciting new places, we listen to bedtime stories of far off worlds, and we watch movies with princesses, fairies, and pirates. We never really stop looking for that grand adventure.

All Grown Up

We grow up and realize life isn't going to be a grand sea adventure with sword fights and buried treasure, but that doesn't mean we still don't look for opportunities to give the adventurous side of ourselves a thrill every now and then. We might not sail out to sea, but we can leave the concrete, skyscrapers, and internet to find something wild instead.

Adventure Awaits

When you leave the city behind and venture into the wild you feel that slumbering part of yourself that craves adventure begin to wake up. The moment you leave the city behind and journey towards your destination the adventure begins. An adventure where you'll explore new places, set your eyes on new sights, and experience new hiking trails or forests. The possibilities are endless. When you're outside, among nature, you can find adventure anywhere. Just think outside, no box required.

Unlimited Possibilities

When you plan a vacation in the city you likely fill an itinerary with things to do, places to go, and sights to see. When you're on an adventure in nature, just let yourself wander. Make it up as you go along. After all, not all who wander are lost. The wanderers are the ones who've truly found what they're looking for. They're living their grand adventure, living a story with an unknown ending, enjoying the path before them as it unfolds. It's an exhilarating experience and one you should never stop chasing. If you never stop exploring who knows what you'll find on your next big adventure.

These camping quotes remind us that there's more to life than jobs, bills, and Smartphones. There are real adventures waiting to be had, and sometimes we should put our daily life on hold while we chase the thrill and feel of freedom that comes with an adventure in the wild.