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Can't Stick Decals on Your Walls? No Worries!

Can't Stick Decals on Your Walls? No Worries!

Feb 26, 2021

Maybe you are living in an apartment and you really do not have to option to stick a decal on your wall. Maybe you are in a short-term rental house and you are not quite sure that wall decals are kosher. Maybe you are even staying in someone else's home for a period of time. Whatever your situation, you can make your home beautiful even if you cannot use wall decals. Wall Decor Plus More has something just for you: wall hangings! You can fill your space with our best sayings and beautiful lettering as easy as that. These lightweight canvas wall hangings are so easy to use, hanging on something as simple as a decorative push pin or command hook! Here are some wall hangings you will definitely fall in love with.

Wood & Canvas Wall Decor Hanging Every Family Has a Story Wall Art Sign

Wood & Canvas Wall Hanging Sweet Tea Sunshine Wall Art Sign

Every family has a story. Welcome to ours. Sweet, simple, and oh, so homey. This one is a keeper for sure. It is great to hang up in the living room or foyer.

Life needs more sweet tea and sunshine. This wall hanging brings a little southern sass to the table. It is so fun and cheerful that it brings a smile to your face! This one is perfect for the kitchen or breakfast nook.

Wood & Canvas Wall Hanging, Wash Brush Bathroom Wall Art Print

Wood & Canvas Wall Hanging, ABC I Love You Baby Nursery Wall Art

Wash. Brush. Floss. Flush. Who doesn't need a simple reminder every now and then? And if you don't, your kids do! So hang this up in the bathroom for homey touch that is also a parenting trick!

I Love You alphabet wall hanging. Need something sweet to put in your nursery? Look no further. This is educational - it is the alphabet after all. But there is also a not-so-hidden message in it, which is the most important part of all.

Wood & Canvas Wall Hanging Grateful Thankful Blessed Wall Art Sign

Incredibly grateful. So very thankful. Unbelievably blessed. Any moment is a good moment to stop, take a breath, and think about all the little blessings we have. And this simple, yet meaningful piece of decor helps you do that every day.

That's it for today. But it's certainly not all there is. For more awesome wall hangings, check out our entire collection!