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Choosing the Right Color For Your Mailbox Decal

Choosing the Right Color For Your Mailbox Decal

Posted by CM Spaans on Jul 31, 2014

Hi all! I can't believe it is almost August already! Time sure flies by! Hope you're all having a wonderful summer! Another thing that seems to fly by is our mailbox decals! They're so popular this year.  We also ship within a day or two, so they arrive very quickly after ordering!

The other day some customers were asking about colors, and whether or not our mailbox decals are reflective or not. I want to expand on that a bit.

We have about 10 different colors to choose from, ranging from black to lime green! We have a few other color options that are not pictured - Lilac, Pastel Orange, Turquoise, Chocolate Brown and Tan. They are all made in our outdoor glossy vinyl, which is made to last up to 10 years.

When trying to decide on a color, you want to choose a contrasting color to your mailbox. For example, if you have a white mailbox, our darker vinyl colors, like black or brown, will show up the best. And it works the opposite way. If you have a black mailbox, lighter colors like white or yellow vinyl, will show up the most.

In the picture below, at first glance what color do you see first? Which one is clearer? This will help you decide which color contrasts more than another.

We've also had some questions regarding our glossy outdoor vinyl and whether it is reflective. Technically speaking it is not. But because it does have a glossy finish, it becomes slightly reflective. The lighter colors, like white, yellow, beige and silver are more reflective than the darker colors.

Another thing to remember when choosing a mailbox decal is the size of your mailbox. Be sure to double check that you will have at least a half inch to an inch of space all the way around your decal. You don't want your decal to be too big! Also, be careful to measure below the curve on the top of the mailbox. It is slightly harder to put the decal on around a curve.

Remember to think about where the flag on the mailbox is. Will it cover a portion of the decal? We do have some options to help with that. One of our mailboxes, as shown above, has one side that is shorter because it does not have the monogram. This is so the flag doesn't cover up any part of the decal.

I hope this will help with any questions you may have about our mailbox decals! Enjoy

~ Cassie