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Cleaning Your Home’s Interior: Tips For Going The Eco-Friendly Route

Cleaning Your Home’s Interior: Tips For Going The Eco-Friendly Route

Posted by J Waters on Jul 17, 2017

Summertime is a great catalyst to tackle a thorough cleaning of your home both inside and out, and if you aim to declutter and tackle home maintenance issues at the same time, you may have a big project on your hands. You may not be able to get a thorough cleaning done in one day, but if you break it up into smaller components with a plan you will be ready to enjoy a fresh, clean house in no time.

Reconsider using traditional cleaning products

These days, many people find it important to focus on chemical-free, eco-friendly cleaning options when they tackle a major cleaning project. Author Sloan Barnett explained to Today that it can be very difficult to know exactly what is in many traditional household cleaners or how safe they really are. It is no secret that numerous cleaners contain harmful chemicals, and the labels don’t always tell the full story about how concerning a particular cleaning product might be.

Due to the concerns over many ingredients and chemicals in household cleaners, many people are turning to new brands that focus on being natural, or on utilizing household items that can clean just as well, or better, than the store-bought cleaners. The Good Trade suggests taking a look at eco-friendly brands such as Seventh Generation, Ecos, JR Watkins, Method, Green Works, and Meyer's, many of which can easily be found at your regular shopping spots.

Utilize common household items in your cleaning efforts

If you want to save money and take full control over being eco-friendly in your cleaning, consider making your own cleaners and turning to what you probably already have in your home. Do It Yourself recommends gathering items like lemons, Castile soap, olive oil, baking soda, vinegar, and water to get the job done. Many people also like to incorporate essential oils such as tea tree, lavender, lemon, or rosemary that can help to both get the house clean and make it smell fresh.

Toothpaste can come in handy when it comes to crayon marks on walls, and you can use newspapers and a mixture of vinegar and water to get your windows streak-free clean. Place some lemon peels and baking soda into plastic containers, cut some holes in the lids, and place those strategically throughout the house to get rid of odors.

Tackle one component at a time as you clean top to bottom

When you are tackling interior cleaning, focus on one spot at a time. InStyle recommends washing all of the bedding and pillows, and taking the time to vacuum the surface of the mattress as well. Organize closets and make sure that you sweep, vacuum, or wipe down all of the surfaces. You may want to look at replacing your shower curtains and tackling the tile grout, and you can utilize items like toothpaste or baking soda to clean all of the silver bathroom fixtures and even rely on Coca-Cola to thoroughly clean the toilet bowl.

Cleaning the interior of your house can be a time-consuming operation, but it doesn't have to be a toxic one. Focus on deep cleaning using chemical-free commercial cleaning products or go even more eco-friendly by utilizing household items that can pack a punch when it comes to thorough cleaning. It is wise to declutter a bit as you go and take the time to get organized as you clean so that you can relax and enjoy your fresh and organized house once you've made it through the process.

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