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Collection of Glass Blanks for Vinyl Decals

Collection of Glass Blanks for Vinyl Decals

Posted by DM Maassen on Nov 02, 2015

As promised, here are some glass blanks for your vinyl decals. Applying decals to different vinyl blanks is a GREAT idea. This way you can display seasonal decals for a short time, you can always take your decals with you when you move, and re-decorating is so much easier. Here are five different glass vinyl blank ideas for you.

1. Glass Rectangle (4"x8") can be personalized with a last name, est. date, or welcome decal. The options are endless and it is designed to add lights inside.

2. Glass Block (6"x6") is also designed so you can add lights inside, but it can also be used as a piggy bank, or given as a gift filled with candy. We have created a snowman out of a similar product and we also have graduation gift ideas on our website.

3. Yes, this is a dessert plate but it can also be turned into home decor. Personalize a plate with a vinyl monogram to give as a wedding or shower gift.

4. Label your canisters using vinyl decals. We labeled ours with chalkboard shapes so we could write whatever we want on them and can change it later. Contact us to custom design your labels.

5. Do you have some old windows sitting around? Those also work great for vinyl projects. Here are a couple projects that our customers created using vinyl decals.


These are just a few of the many vinyl blanks that you can use to create unique one of a kind designs. If you missed our previous post about vinyl blanks check it out here.

*The products shown may differ from those that were used in our projects but they are similar and can be used for the same projects.

**These are affiliate links so we may get a portion of the commission when an item is purchased.