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Create a Chic Look with Affordable Vinyl Wall Decal Stickers

Create a Chic Look with Affordable Vinyl Wall Decal Stickers

Posted by Teresa VB on Sep 27, 2018

If you want to add style to your home, but you can't afford to spend a lot of money, you can create a chic look in various rooms by applying lovely vinyl decals to your walls. These decals come in a matte finish, so they look like actual paint on the wall. If you decide to alter your decor later, they can be removed easily without harming your paint.

Options When Using Affordable Vinyl Wall Decals

Laundry Room – Apply a stylish decal right on the door that signifies the entrance to the laundry room where you're "sorting life out one load at a time." Choose a color that matches your decor, so it coordinates well. Your door will show through the sticker, making it look like a chic, custom design.

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Dining Room – You can create an accent wall in your dining room with vinyl decals. Select floral leaf art or modern doodle swirl art to place on one wall. Combine this look with floating shelves where the art floats on the wall around each shelf. You can use shorter shelving as well as longer ones for displaying crystal, China, or other treasures.

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Bathroom – One area of the home that most owners want to look sleek and trendy is the bathroom. You can create a focal point on the wall next to your bathtub using vinyl wall decals and a little creativity. Apply one that says "Relax" in beautiful cursive lettering. Select green, brown, or black letters for a sophisticated look. Around the word, hang artificial or even real plants to create a nature-inspired space where you'll enjoy unwinding at the end of the day.

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Master Bedroom – Create a unique headboard space with a vinyl decal that says "Love" with an infinity symbol in the design that makes it look quite chic. To highlight this piece of art, hang pendant lighting on each side of your bed or merely replace the shades of your table lamps with white versions so the decal will be highlighted better when the lights are on. You'll completely update the look of your bedroom with this simple addition.

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You don't have to invest a lot of money in your home to update the look of your decor. With affordable vinyl wall decals from Wall Decor Plus More, every room in your house can look chic and new.