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Create a Great Nursery Look with Wall Decals

Create a Great Nursery Look with Wall Decals

Posted by Teresa VB on Mar 22, 2018

You've read all the baby books, been to the doctor's office more times than you can count, and, finally, have the perfect name picked out for your little bun in the oven. There's just one thing left to think about: How should I decorate the nursery?

Wall Decor Plus More has the decals you need to make your nursery soothing, bright and lively, or inspirational.

Make Their World Lively

Back is best when your baby is resting, so give your baby something to look at by placing colorful decals on their ceiling. They can fall asleep to gently floating Cloud Decals or an entire zoo with this Jungle Safari Animal Set.

Don't neglect the walls though. Before you know, your baby will be crawling around on all fours and want to explore the world around them. Encourage their learning and curiosity by placing these Animal Alphabet Letters at the base of the wall where their eyes and hands can reach.

Jungle Safari Animal Set Wall Decals For Nursery Decor

Personalize It!

Let your growing baby know it's their space by plastering their name all over the walls. Try these Personalized Geometric Shapes to spell out their name. Show them how small they used to be and how much they're growing with this Vintage Ruler with Baby Statistics.

Vintage Ruler Oversized Growth Chart Vinyl Stickers Decal with Baby Statistics

Parents Need Motivation, Too.

Taking care of a newborn is hard work and those first few months can be a doozy. Raising a child is a rewarding experience, but it's difficult to remember when you're running on two hours sleep and you've been neglecting those house chores. In those times, a parent needs the right motivation to push forward.

Put up these Do Not Remember Days, Moments or Enjoy Little Things motivational vinyl decals to give you encouragement to fight through those sleepless nights.

Moments Take Our Breath Away Vinyl Letters Stickers Family Wall Décor Quotes

There are so many options available at Wall Decor Plus More to play around with. Check out our full collection to create the look that fits your new and growing family. Feel free to contact us with your questions.