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Create a Personalized Nursery: Go Wild With Animal Print Decor

Create a Personalized Nursery: Go Wild With Animal Print Decor

Posted by Teresa DV on Aug 03, 2017

Zebra 12x24 Name with 2 sets of Zebra Squares in Bayou Blue

If you’re like most parents you’ve probably spent a considerable amount of time trying to decide how to decorate your baby’s nursery. An animal themed nursery is a great way to decorate for both genders. Most children love animals. HGTV currently has a photo of an adorable neutral colored room with various accent pieces. The primary artwork in the room is a Zebra. If you want to imitate this look Wall Décor Plus More has a fantastic “Zebra-Print Name in a Square Vinyl Wall Sticker.” The best thing about this product is that you can include your baby’s name in the center. This piece would look great with white and gold accents. 

Zebra 11" Name in Storm Gray with 6x24 Wall Name on top in Berry

They also have fun “Zebra-Print Alphabet Letter Decals” that you can use to spell out your child’s name. This is a great way to personalize a nursery. The website also carries Cheetah and Tiger Vinyl Wall Decals.

Other products like “It's a Jungle out There Vinyl Wall Letters” are available in case you don’t want to commit to using a specific animal. This could be left alone, or paired with any animal of your choice.

Its a Jungle Out There Vinyl Sticker Decal

Animal themed nurseries look great in neutral colors. Popular colors that you could use in an animal/ jungle themed scenario would be a range of tan and pale greens, with a hint of accent colors. The possibilities for an animal themed nursery are endless. Furthermore, all the decals listed here are easily removable and they won’t damage your walls.

If you choose a neutral color palate you can customize this look to match any of your style requirements. It’s much easier to add pops of color with accent pillows and rugs. Also, if the walls are painted in neutral colors all you have to do is return to Wall Décor Plus More later and add different decals to match your chosen theme.

Have fun, and happy decorating!