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Create a Romantic Bedroom

Create a Romantic Bedroom

Posted by Teresa VB on Feb 02, 2017

Romance doesn't just happen accidentally. It's planned. When it comes to wooing your significant other you have to put some thought and effort into it. One great way to add more romance to your relationship is to make your bedroom an oasis for the two of you. The good news is that it's not hard to make your bedroom a more romantic place.

Remove the TV

Studies prove that having a TV in the bedroom is a huge romance killer. If your bedroom contains a TV, you'll likely end up turning it on and watching something instead of communicating with one another, looking deep into each other's eyes as you talk about your love for each other, or sharing an intimate night together. It's a distraction and one that will capture much more of your time than you realize.

Choose Romantic Colors

When it comes to wall colors, decorations, and bedding, you can create a romantic mood easily just by choosing the correct colors. While tan, black, and white are pretty and traditional, why not change it up a bit. Cover your bed in a romantic red comforter or toss on a few red throw pillows for a splash of romantic color to liven up white bedding. Or create a soothing tone with a variety of blue hues. Relaxing together serenely, letting your stresses melt away, is a great way to start a romantic evening together. So, next time your shopping for bedding, pillows, decorations, or even paint, consider choosing colors that will spark some romance.


Add Romance to the Walls

What sweeter way to add romance than to send a message of love to your soul mate? While writing a letter or sending a text message is very sweet, why not take it a step further? With romantic wall decals, your loved one can see the message every time they walk into the bedroom. It's a great thing to wake up to, and it's sure to put a smile on their face. Wall decals with messages of love are also a great reminder to focus on the romance. You walk into the bedroom carrying a load of laundry and see the sweet message on the wall, and it changes your mood and puts romance on your mind. Like we said, romance doesn't happen accidentally. A sweet message of love will encourage you to remember to make time for it in your relationship.

LO006 Better than I was More than I am Wall Art Sticker

Each one of these ideas is a great, and easy, way to spark some extra romance. Show your sweetheart that they are on your mind and you love them by making one, or all of these small but impactful gestures. You'll be glad you did.