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Creating A Fun Space for Your New Bundle of Joy

Creating A Fun Space for Your New Bundle of Joy

Posted by Teresa VB on Mar 08, 2018

Bringing home your new bundle of love is a very special time. Create a magical space for your little one to grow in!

Congratulations on your new bundle of joy! As you await their arrival it's time to create a space of their own. Preparing the nursery is a great way to stay busy and start bonding with them while you wait.

The first step in preparing the new space is spending time in it while it is still blank. Create a map of where you want the furniture. Make sure you tie back the windows and handle any potential safety hazards. Once you prepare the blank canvas, it's time to choose a theme.

Choosing a theme like Elephants or even a black and white motif will stimulate baby's senses.

Do you want to focus on a special character? Are you and your family big fans of a specific job? Remember, as your child learns to focus and take in the world this space is a fun way for them to learn.

After choosing the theme, consider the paint palette that best fits that theme. Remember to choose colors that are engaging yet relaxing. You want them to enjoy the space during the day, but don't want the paint to keep them awake at night.

Choose a soothing color palette to complement your nursery theme and decor.

Finding the wall décor to go with the paint is a fun process. You can personalize a wall decal sticker with your new addition's name and birth statistics. You can also make them a growth chart. Choose decals that inspire yourself and your child. They can include specific lyrics or other special sayings.

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Once you receive your decal sticker order, you can place them in strategic locations around the room. Consider adding something sweet above the crib and changing table. This way as your baby's eyes focus more they can see the words around them. The best time to put the decals on the wall is before you place the furniture in the room. This way you don't have to move the furniture around.

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Remember when preparing the room for baby, you are also preparing it for yourself. You are going to spend a significant amount of time in the space those first precious months. Spend sometime in the space after it's complete. Take it in and imagine the time you and your family will spend in the room.