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Decor: Kids Room Ideas

Posted by KM Ymker on Apr 15, 2014

Are you looking for some kids room decorating ideas? 

The best way to get good ideas is to ask your children! Involving your children in the decorating process can be rewarding for both you and them. 

Besides building their confidence and respect, they will probably make an effort to keep it cleaner longer and they will be proud to show it to their friends. 

Even small children will have some opinions on color choices and things they like. Giving them a choice between 2 options will make them feel involved. You'll certainly want to redecorate when they move out of a crib. Toddlers like to feel independent. 

Be prepared for their tastes to change as they grow older, so be careful not to get too trendy with the decorating. Passing fads can fade pretty quickly, leaving them with a room that they don't like anymore. 

kids room decor-color splotches

Preschool Child's Room

The main focus here will be storage of toys. Using shelves with containers that are easy to reach will make clean up time easier for them. Remember, the fewer toys they have, the less clutter there is. There is also more room to play with fewer toys.  

Save the more delicate items for storage on top shelves or out of the line of sight. 

Painting  - it's okay to use bright colors on a kid's room. It's relatively easy to change later and will give them a sense of personal space if their room is different.

Hobbies - What hobbies or interests do they have? If they are involved with a certain sport, that can be incorporated into the decorating.

Accessories - keep rugs, pillows,bedding, curtains, etc. in easy-to-clean textiles. Avoid white or cream solids that will get dirty easily. 

Wall Decor - make sure things you hang on the wall are secure and not breakable. One of the easiest ways to decorate your child's room is with wall stickers. Easy to apply and remove, they come in a wide variety of shapes, sayings, art forms.

Where To Look For Ideas

kids room decorating

Pinterest - easily the best site for getting ideas on any type of decorating. Check out Wall Decor Plus More - we have boards on Children's Room, Boy's Bedroom and Girl's Bedroom.

Thrifty NW Mom - here's another good source on organizing your kid's room. She has girls and has some great ideas on decorating her girls bedroom. We especially liked her art corner, pictured here. Boy, times have changed - check out the computers! 

Boys Room Ideas - here are 33 ideas for boy's room decorating, from some pretty elaborate to fairly simple decor. You're sure to be inspired by something you see here.

Affordable Kids Room Ideas - here's a collection of photos from HGTV that will help with ideas.

kids wall sticker-wild and crazy

Toy Stove Decals