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Decorating Your Dorm Room or Apartment

Decorating Your Dorm Room or Apartment

Posted by DM Maassen on Aug 15, 2015

Back to school means moving out for a lot of college students. Whether you are living in a dorm room or an apartment you will want to make it feel like home. The plain white walls will get very old after a while. Here are some ideas for brightening up your new space.

1. Twine Picture Holders


All you need is some twine or string, clothespins, and small nails or thumb tacks and you can hang your pictures, notes, and other memories.

2. Vinyl Wall Decals


All of our vinyl wall decals can be easily removed from walls without harming the paint (as long as the paint has cured for at least 2 weeks before applying). We have a large selection of decals that would be perfect to decorate your walls.

3.  Area Rugs

Most apartments and dorm rooms have white or neutral colored walls and flooring. A colorful area rug and accent pillows will help to brighten the room.

4.  Corkboard Decor


Cork board can either be painted or covered with fabric and embellished just the way you like it. They make perfect bulletin boards to hang pictures, notes, and other memories.

5.  Flowers

Growing tulips in vases is the perfect way to brighten your room and mood especially in the winter time. If you don't want to grow your own flowers you can buy arrangements from the store and use those to decorate.