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DIY Canvas Project with Personalized Vinyl Decal Stickers

DIY Canvas Project with Personalized Vinyl Decal Stickers

Posted by KM Ymker on Feb 12, 2015

We recently did a project for a customer that we really really loved! Our customer wanted to have 3 different canvases that were personalized for each family. Such a lovely idea, and a wonderful gift!

We already had canvases in our shop, so we took a light brown acrylic paint and gave the canvases at least 2 good coats of paint. Then we used Mod Podge to seal any tiny holes that were left. The Mod Podge is key to getting the vinyl decals to actually stick to the canvas!

Here is the Mod Podge we use, but you can find any Mod Podge at your local craft store!  There are also homemade versions but we have never ventured there yet and this large bottle has lasted a long time!

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Then we had to design the decal! This is always one of the best parts of the job!! The canvases that we had in the shop are 11"W x 14"H, so we had to make the vinyl decals fit into that size.

This personalized decal features a few monumental dates for a family.  The first date is the engagement date.  Second is the wedding date.  Then it follows with the dates their children were born.

The design for the canvas is a 2 color which makes each part stand out uniquely. We placed the Beige decals first, and then eyeballed the Chocolate Brown lettering to make sure the name decals lined up neatly above the Beige dates.

Painted Canvas with Personalized Vinyl Decals with Names & Dates                      Personalize any canvas or room with one of our vinyl decals!

You can order your own Personalized Decal Sticker and make your one for YOUR family because it is quite simple! The words above each date is specified by you; so you can ANY wording and date that is monumental to YOUR family!  

We can do your canvas from start to finish for you also and save you the time of finding a canvas, painting it and applying the decals neatly.  Just contact us by email to work out the details of your project!

Here are some fun decal color combinations for this canvas design:

       1. Light brown painted canvas with Chocolate Brown and Yellow decal lettering

       2. Dark brown painted canvas with Beige and Turquoise decal lettering

       3. Unpainted canvas (but be sure to apply the Mod Podge!) with Black and Red decal lettering

The final products look wonderful! Our customer loved them! We are always so happy when we can make our customers very happy also!

Personalized Canvas with Names & Dates

Check out how we placed the decals in the video below!