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DIY Gift Project Ideas

DIY Gift Project Ideas

Posted by CM Spaans on Jan 16, 2015

Are you always on the lookout for personalized gifts for a family member or friend? Tired of looking and seeing too many products out of your price range? Not finding that unique item that would make a friend so happy?

Look no farther! Over the holidays, we sold quite a few tile decal designs! I'd love to show you how to put them together and see what colors work best! And all for a reasonable price!

Let's get started! 

We had a customer who wanted to make these tiles for her kids for a Christmas gift. But these tiles would make a fabulous wedding gift, anniversary present or even a birthday present!

One of the tile designs we made for her, includes a last name, first names (which were a special request) established date and a monogram letter. This one turned out really neat! 

She thought at first she wanted to do a darker brown tile, so she and I decided Beige and Chocolate Brown would be very pretty. But she could only find light brown tiles.  With the Beige being such a light shade, we opted to go with a Tan monogram and Chocolate Brown last name and date. The resulting tiles looked fabulous! The Tan monogram letter really pops out from the tile without taking away from the names and date!

Here's a few things to keep in mind when layering decal stickers:

 You are working with 3 shades of color.  

You will want the lettering that is smaller or harder to read in the most contrasting color.  In this case, the Chocolate Brown is a very good contrast to the light tile.

The tan is an in-between color but large enough to still stand out and make a statement.  Perfect!


Here's another tile design we made for the same customer! Add your friend or loved one's last and first names to make it a unique gift just for them!  Isn't this such an warm & inviting quote?